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Show, don't just tell

When I was in grammar school we had something called "Show and Tell." You would either bring in an object or do something (dance, sing a song, recite a poem) and then tell your classmates and teacher about the object or the action. In the interest of full transparency, I brought in Pudgy, my light blue corduroy dog. Pudgy was a pajama dog which meant his underbelly zipped open to reveal a space where you could store your pajamas. I thought this dog and its utility was the best thing ever.

It's been a long time since I've observed "show and tell" in the classroom. However this past year I've observed quite a bit of "Tell and don't show" in organizations. What I mean by that is many organizations have "told" the world how they feel about diversity and inclusion. Many CEOs have expressed support for Black Lives Matter, greater gender pay equity, and opportunities for individuals often overlooked and marginalized. But I haven't seen as much show as I have tell.

Now to be fair it's not often easy to link doing well by doing good. Knowing what you need to do is not the same as knowing how to do it or do it well. That's where Bpeace comes in. Bpeace is the leading community of high-impact job creators. Bpeace operates in crisis-affected communities to grow small and medium-size businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women.

We've done it in crisis-affected countries such as Afghanistan and El Salvador, Rwanda and Guatemala. In growing those businesses we have created jobs and economic opportunities that in turn lifted families and entire communities. We've done it through the efforts of Skillanthropists, professionals like myself who contribute the skills and experience these businesses need.

How this can benefit your organization is that by partnering with Bpeace you can create learning and development opportunities for your experienced and talented staff. We can connect your employees with volunteer opportunities that match and deepen their skills. It creates a way to do well by your employees by doing good for the individuals, businesses, and communities we serve.

During the pandemic, we pioneered our successful model in the States. We are proud to work with minority and women-owned businesses who are the drivers of economic growth in their communities, giving them the extra lift they need to take their businesses to the next level. In partnering with Bpeace, we help you do more than just tell, we give you, your employees, and your organization a way to show how you are putting your values and beliefs into action.

I have to admit, as much as I loved Pudgy, this opportunity is even better. To get involved register here:

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