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Stop Talking and Start Doing: supporting your female employees in the events and exhibition industry

The past few years we have all spoken quite a bit about diversity, inclusion, access and opportunity. But let's be frank. Talk is cheap and although it moves the conversation it doesn't necessarily move the needle. For that you need support, financial and otherwise.

So here is my challenge to all of you, many of you men, leading small, medium and large organizations in the events and exhibition space, whether you be show organizers, producers, vendors, suppliers or associations. Look around your organization. If you're like the industry at large you have a number of women in your organization. What are you doing, not just saying, to support their development, growth and opportunities to move forward?

If you are based in North America you can join as a corporate member of Women in Exhibitions ("WIEN"). You can give your female employees membership in this organization. In doing so you showcase your support of your female leaders and emerging leaders. Through their membership and participation in this community, your female employees can learn, give and receive advice and support, and build genuine relationships. WIEN's programs assist your female employees in building the skills they need to improve their job performance, advance in their career, and make them even more valuable and impactful in their current role in your organization.

The cost is reasonable, the impact is real and it turns words of support into action. Interested? Please email me at

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